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4th of july pool party

3 Ways To Bring The Fun At Your July 4th Pool Party

It’s the 4th of July in San Jose – and that means celebrating our freedom and hard-fought independence with a relaxing day by the pool with friends and family! From tasty BBQ to pool games, the only limit to your July 4th outdoor celebration is your own creativity. As you
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inexpensive pool cover

Most Inexpensive and Safe Pool Covers if you have Small Children

San Jose is known for its great weather in spring and summer. Most homes generally will have a pool outside for those extra warm days, and to provide some fun for the kids. During holidays they also become a lifesaver and keep the boredom at bay. For older kids, it
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Everything You Need to Know About Fountain Features For Your Pool

Everything You Need to Know About Fountain Features For Your Pool There is a common misconception that a pool should remain in its standard state, and you cannot alter it over its lifetime. In other words, your pool is with you for life. Before you jump to that conclusion, let’s
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installation pool service san jose

Useful Tips for Planning a Perfect Pool in San Jose CA

Like every other part of your building project, planning a pool in San Jose CA can be difficult and challenging, and so, it requires expertise and attention to details to do it right. Of course, even the smallest things matter, and that’s why you need to know what factors to
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Swimming is Great for Exercise

Swimming is a very famous sport in Australia. Also, as being fun, swimming may be an excellent way to stay fit, stay healthy, and make friends. Swimming may be a vigorous activity that you can continue for a lifetime. It’s a low-impact activity that has many physical and psychological state benefits. Swimming
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The Top Three Reasons Why People Are Adding Hot Tubs To Their Pools!

The Top Three Reasons Why People Are Adding Hot Tubs To Their Pools! In the following article, we’ll explain why you should be adding a hot tub to your pool!   Hot tubs may appear to be a modern invention, but civilizations have used them for thousands of years for
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led pool lights

LED Lighting for Pools

LED Lighting for Pools Using LED lights as your pool’s lighting source has a variety of benefits. You may be surprised how these lights can improve your life and your wallet. Technology changes the way you do many things, including swim. There are a variety of pool lighting options you can
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Benefits of a BackYard Pool

When summer rolls around, all we want is a break from the stifling summer heat. Sometimes we aren’t even bothered to drag ourselves to the freezer for an icy treat, let alone drive to the public pool. That’s why having a backyard pool might sound like a rewarding idea. Not
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Top 10 Reasons to Fill In My Pool

Top 10 Reasons to Fill In My Pool REASON ONE: I remember a friend from a long time ago who had a pool, and I kid you not, to this day I still swear I saw the “Loch Ness Monster” swimming around in this thick green mossy muck that was once called
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10 Biggest Concerns When Installing Pools

10 Big Concerns When Installing a Pool There has to be many things going on in your mind right now. A pool is a big investment and is something, Prins Pools knows will change your life forever. The fact you live in San Jose, one of the most sunniest and
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